No content today

Sorry for flaking out on this, again.  I did get to walk the almost 30 acre property on Saturday.  It rained a little while we were walking it.  It also got really cold.  And then Sunday, this thing I wasn’t prepared for happened.  Daylight savings time hit.  Between the walk, the cold, and the loss of an hour in my day, which has my internal clock all jacked up, I did not get anything done toward the Yubikey/GnuPG problem this weekend.  That’s all on me.

I did begin work on separating out the “non tech” stuff from the site a little, though.  I’ll have a site up for the Permaculture and non-tech hobby contents in a week or two, so those of you that are bothered by this won’t get so much of it, moving forward.

Wednesday will definitely have content, though.  I’ll cover the new Hak5 Bash Bunny, share some pics of the device, and talk a bit about configuration and usage.

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