Returning next week.

My break has taken a bit longer than intended. I want to apologize for that, but rest assured, I’m coming back next week. This post is to give a heads up on the re-structuring of both UnixSecLab and Jack of all Hobbies.

Until further notice, the mailing list sign ups (one per site) will only be a summary feed of the previous week’s blog posts for that site. I may bring back the extra content, eventually, and I may continue to use the mailing list for the rare but occasional promotional advertisement for products or services I offer.

Also, until further notice, the minimum number of posts per week (starting NEXT week) will be ONE post on Monday (for UnixSecLab) and ONE post on Thursday (for Jack of all Hobbies.)

I’m trying to run two different sites with two different focus topics. I work an 8am to 5pm job with a one hour commute to and one hour commute from work each day. This means I lose two hours out of my day just driving on the interstate. I also have nine beautiful children that need some of my attention, a loving wife that needs some of it, and so on. My time is more limited than I imagined when I first started these ventures, so I’m having to restructure. I may be able to get into a groove and get more content in a week eventually, but for now I’m backing things down.

In lieu of the extra blog posts, I will be doing more on social media. Posting to Twitter(UnixSecLab), Twitter(Jack of all Hobbies), FaceBook, LinkedIn, and so on takes less of my time than writing a full detailed blog post would, so I’ll be more active there.

You can expect the first content blog post for UnixSecLab under the new format starting June 5th. The first Jack of all Hobbies blog post under the new format will be available June 8th.

I also have some exciting plans for the not too distant future, so stay tuned.

I hope to catch you all here and on social media, and as always, leave comments, suggestions, or other verbiage in the comments for this post.

Weekend Wrap Up – No real technical content today

This last weekend was crazy busy.  We’ve had heavy showers and mild storms hitting our area off and on most of the week, but this weekend we got hit hard.  Several towns and communities surrounding us have been heavily flooded due to the torrential rains.  A friend of the family showed their rain gauge measured more than seven (7) inches of rain in one day.  Some of the flooding was so bad that one lane of one of the roads literally washed away.  While 7 inches isn’t anywhere near what Queensland Australia got recently (they got almost a foot and a half or so,) the power of the flow was significant, and our county has been declared a disaster area.

Saturday morning, before the heavy stuff hit, I gave a presentation on Permaculture to a local community group.  It went well, and if you are interested in following that side of my life on a regular basis, check out my non-tech hobby page: Jack of all Hobbies.

Sunday morning at midnight, I headed to Little Rock.  This was right in the middle of the flooding mess.  My car stalled several times on my way in to work.  I was at work until almost noon, and I came home and crashed (sleep.)

Due to the crazy experiences we’ve had with the weather, the work schedule, and the presentation I gave, I’m cancelling today’s normal content to just provide an update on life.  Crazy busy.

Thanks again for reading, and hopefully I can get back on track quickly.