Welcome to the Lab

Welcome to the Lab.

On this site, I will share Unix tips and tricks for writing clean bash/ksh/posix shell code, sed, awk, perl, and other command line power tools.

I’ll show code snippets and examples for dealing with specific shell coding situations, such as input validation, cleaning up your work space, setting locks on files, multiplexing tasks using tmux and/or dsh, and a plethora of other day to day Unix Sysadmin tasks.

We will also explore developing best practices for hardening systems together.  You will be able to follow my journey through setting up a home lab using a mix of virtual machines and single board computers.  I’ll share links to the hardware I’m testing on so you can follow along and try the same set up if you like.

I’ll discuss general security topics, such as BCDR, Incident Response, and Governance documentation.

I’ll also share a small slice of related hobbies such as Amateur Radio.

Comments from the community are always welcome.

Get your popcorn at the door, sit back, and enjoy the show.