The Lab – Status and Happenings

I don’t really have a Gear Check post to share today, but I did want to give a status update on some of The Lab projects.

The new Hak5 Bash Bunny is on schedule on time to be delivered by end of day today (Wednesday.)  I already have some payload ideas I want to try, but I need to get it in hand and see how it handles flipping between attack modes before I get too attached to any one idea.  I’ll definitely post about it as a Gear Check next week.

The Beaglebone Black Wireless is still bricked at this point, but I should find time to unbrick it before the weekend gets here.  Once I do, I’ll update the OS, then I’ll try compiling GnuPG2 by hand.  We’ll try the Yubikey 4 from it again if that’s successful.  If it isn’t, I’ll plan to update on a different machine.

In the non-tech side of the shop, I’ve been engaged for a Permaculture design by a friend of a friend, and I’ve also been asked to hold a class / workshop on an introduction to Permaculture for a local Community Group for the Spring.  This might slow down some of The Lab technical work, but the primary focus will still be Unix Security.

Friday will probably be a Permaculture related post, simply because I’m working on the design stuff and it’s on my mind.

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