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Today would normally be “Hacker-Tool Hump Day,” but I’ve decided I need a hiatus. I know this is sudden notice, but I’ve had no engagement since I started this blog. The only comments I’ve received have been spam, except possibly one, but that one doesn’t make sense in any context. The commenter has an AOL address, and listed his website as “Bing” in the U.K. If that’s you, and you honestly meant for me to respond to you, please comment on THIS post, not one that’s weeks old, and I might get back to you.

Zero engagement equals higher apathy, and with all that’s going on in the household at the moment, a break is warranted. Will I return? Absolutely. Sooner, if people read this and tell me to come back.

When I return, here’s what can be expected of this site:

1) There will be a working asciinema demonstration for each topic I cover that warrants it.
2) I will possibly go back and re-work prior posts to be re-posted with the above said asciinema recordings to bring clarity to my content.
3) I will untie the blog posts from the standard “sign up for my email list” form, and make the list be for special content and/or promotional offers.
4) What was that about promotional offers? Yeah. About that. I’ve got a product I’ve been working on for a while now that I need to re-focus on polishing up and posting as an available download for purchase. I’ll go ahead and mention that the topic is “Dancer’s Shell/Distributed Shell” which is an open source program for sending ssh remote commands to multiple end point servers. Most of the tutorials I have seen have put a focus on thing like working with nodes in a cluster. My focus is more about developing your own set of tools to manage systems in general. When it launches, this product will be in “Beta” for a limited number of customers. Those customers will get free updates to that product through “final copy” launch, and get a chance to purchase at a reduced price. The initial price for the beta will be in the $7 range. Based on feedback, this will only go up, not down, when it goes live.
5) I will also work on a product to help people go through the thought process for developing their own managed OpenSSH public key infrastructure, whether it uses the certificate authority, or not. It should help people to choose what will be most manageable for their needs, and cover the pros and cons of any given set up, including security risks.
6) I will also work on a product to help people take advantage of the power of TMUX, which is everything Screen should have been, but wasn’t. Just my opinion, of course. What order I develop these next two products (TMUX vs. Managed OpenSSH PKI) will depend on feedback from you, my readers.
7) I am going to go back to the basics, and re-vamp this site. It’s missing a few things that should be there and aren’t. I need to get an “About Me” page, start taking advantage of categories so content can be easily grouped together, and so on.

If you have been around, but haven’t commented and are now sad that I’m taking a break, you can comment and let me know that there are people out there that don’t beep and boop about how much their product can help me improve my blog. I don’t want or need the spam, but I would LOVE to get responses from real people who appreciate the content I’ve provided.

If you have topics you wish I would cover that I haven’t, comment as well. I have a list of stuff to cover, but feedback lets me know if I’m on the right track, or leaving you frustrated for not covering that one thing you really need to see.

So for now and until I get things un-cluttered and un-broken, thanks for the few I know have been reading, and thanks to those I might not know, either.


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  1. I have actually been reading your posts for a few months now as I am a fan of ssh and have been using it for many years now. Even though I have been using Linux as my primary OS for almost 14 years, I still find a lot of tips and tricks from your blog posts. So just to let you know, there are some of us out here who do read your posts. Besides subscribing via email, I even have your rss feed on my protopage home page.

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