Fun-Day Friday – Holidays and horror movies

Most of you in the U.S. are probably recovering from a Turkey or Ham hangover, by now. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and there is always much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for our service members who couldn’t be with their own families. I’m thankful that we live in a free nation. I’m thankful that I have a job that lets me support my family with more than the bare life requiring essentials.

I was alone, yesterday. The rest of the family headed down to Texas for a family and friends gathering, but I had work obligations that prevented me from going with them. Skype will be used much until they return.

The only up-side to this was getting a chance to get caught up on my back logged list of horror shows on Netflix. I don’t get to watch them often, since there’s only a small sliver of time each evening where the kids aren’t close by, and the wife really doesn’t like them, so I can’t watch with her, either.

Silver linings, and all that. In the end, I can’t wait for them to get back. It’s better than six months at a time, though. Four years in the Navy taught us much appreciation for the time we have together.

I hope everyone reading had a good time with family and/or friends. Stay safe for the Holiday seasons, and enjoy the things you might often take for granted. Other people don’t have them.

Thanks for reading!