Fun-Day Friday – Nintendo Entertainment System Classic

So today is the day that Nintendo releases the NES Classic. It’s a smaller console designed to look much like the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It has HDMI output, and 60 classic games built in. The majority of the titles were games I enjoyed as a child, so this is on my want list. Amazon will have these available starting at 4:00p.m. CST. They are turning off oneclick for this release to give everyone a fair chance at it. They will have limited stock. I went to the local soul sucking Wal-Mart to buy one in person, but there were only 6 units available. I was (un)lucky number 7. Since I have to work, I won’t be able to park my rear at any of the other facilities that would have them “at opening time,” so I’m stuck waiting for my chance at it on Amazon.

As for NaNoWriMo, I’m at a total of 18,062 words as of November 10. This is ahead of the curve. I’ve managed to hit the minimum “average” per day every day. My peak number was 2,127 words on November 8. I’m still on the fence about whether to share this story or not, when it’s done. I guess I’ll know at the end of November.

Is there something that stirs your own nostalgia? Things you enjoyed from your childhood that you would like to relive for a while? Share in the comments.

Thanks for reading!