Hacker-Tool Hump-Day – LAN Turtle Modules – ddnsc

The Hak5 LAN Turtle has a module for configuring a dynamic DNS client. This module is the “ddnsc” module, and configuration requires four fields to be filled in.

The first is the “Service” field, which is the Dynamic DNS provider service you will use. This might be “no-ip.com” or “dyn.com” or something similar.

The second field is the “Domain” field, which is the domain name you have reserved through the service. Once upon a time, I had DynDNS as a service, and they had a “homeunix.org” domain available. Mine was configured for “abtg.homeunix.org” at the time. I no longer use this service, but that’s an example of what you would need to put into this field.

The third is the “Username” field, which is whatever user name you signed up with your dynamic DNS provider for authentication with their services.

The final field is the “Password” field, which is simply the password you use to authenticate your user against that domain.

Internally, the module uses “uci” commands, which are part of the OpenWRT router project to provide a centralized configuration tool for the router functionality. It also does an “opkg install ddns-scripts” to pull down the standard scripts for this from the OpenWRT repositories.

The module is simple enough, but it provides a great way to get a persistent means of looking up the current external IP to whatever LAN the Turtle has been dropped on, if that network has a dynamic IP address on its WAN side. This way, you can get to your turtle on whatever known open port you have set up for use.

This has been short and sweet, but it has gotten late on me, so that’s the best kind of post I can give for today. Thanks for reading, and leave comments!