Fun-Day Friday – Food Forest card game

This week’s family game time discussion revolves around a set of playing cards that were initially sold via a Kickstarter campaign.  The theme of the cards (and the game) helps to teach Permaculture principles, especially tying elements together to form a system.  The decks I received each have 66 cards that are already defined elements with pictures, descriptions, and clear markings for how that element may interact with other element cards.  Each deck also contains two “blank” cards so that you have the option to fill in your favorite element, (plant, animal, structure, etc) if it’s not already in the deck.  Finally, there were four non-playable cards.  One is a brief introduction to the deck with a description for basic card interaction.  One card is a “Key” card that explains the symbolism on each card for quick look up.  The other two cards explain various games that can be played with the cards.  Some of the playable cards are “disaster” cards, with a description of how to handle the disaster if one is drawn.

I bought three decks, initially, so I’m not sure what the packaging is like if you order a deck today, but the only complaint I have about these cards is the packaging.  The box is structurally okay, but the flaps were held in place by little “dot” stickers that didn’t hold their sticky.  This means the flaps come open fairly easily at either end of the box.  I played a game of 72 card pick up when I picked up the first deck from the shipping package, because the flap came open and the cards fell out so easily.

The games that are suggested tend to run along the line of matching cards based on their inputs/outputs.  I also like the way that you can pull some pairs and set up games of “memory” for younger players.  The cards lend themselves to a variety of game types, if you’re tired of the basic games suggested by the creators.

Similarly to the Wildcraft! board game, these cards are educational, the art is well designed, and the games that can be played are fun.

If you’re interested in these, you can pick up your own deck at the Food Forest Card Game website.  The site has dates of “2016” on it, so if you want to be sure that things are up to date, try their FaceBook Page or Karl Treen (one of the creators) on Twitter.

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