Fun-Day Friday – Guild Wars 2 Halloween content

I spent more time at home this week than at work, due to the heavy coughing fits from my sinuses being flared up. This has been a light week on the content, because of it. My apologies, again.

Last Tuesday, Guild Wars 2 released the Halloween content for this year. They added a track to the world vs. world rewards, brought back the labyrinth, clock tower, and other goodies from years past, and introduced a few new weapon skins. I was very much hoping for a return of some way to obtain the backpack items from the first year content, but maybe they’ll do that next year.

My wife doesn’t play this game often, but the Halloween and Wintersday content are both content we enjoy, so I’ll be spending some in game time with her.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so this content always gets me excited. Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon so I can enjoy it more than just a grumble and a hazy stare’s worth.

Is there a game you enjoy playing? Online, board, card, etc? Share in the comments!

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